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Intransitive predication

The following types of intransitive verbs may be involved in a predication relation between a predicate and an argument which functions as a subject in simple sentences:

Aspectuals, including verbs like wêze be and bliuwe stay:

Example 1

Omke Rimmer bleau lilk op Mark
uncle Rimmer stayed angry on Mark
Uncle Rimmer stayed angry at Mark

Modals, including verbs like moatte must and meie may:

Example 2

De flesse moat leech
the bottle must empty
The bottle must empty

Resultatives, mainly idiomatic:

Example 3

De stôk lûkt krom
the stick pull warped
The stick becomes warped

Other cases:

Example 4

Hoe komsto sa wiet / gemeen?
how come.2SG so wet mean
How did you get so wet / mean?

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