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Attributive interrogative pronouns

An attributive interrogative is placed in the first position of the Noun Phrase (NP) of which it is a part:

Example 1

Watter kunstenaars inspireer jou?
which artists inspire you.SG
Which artists inspire you?

The attributive interrogative often takes the form watter which (2). The NP that it forms part of can consist of only the interrogative and a noun (2a), but it can also be longer (2b). It can also be modified (2c).

Example 2

a. Watter tale kan Tannie alles praat?
which language can.AUX.MOD Aunty everything speak
Which are all the languages that Aunty can speak?
b. Watter ander kultuur kan dieselfde sê?
which other culture can.AUX.MOD the.same say
What other culture can say the same?
c. Presies watter finansiële bystand word verlang?
exactly which financial assistance be.AUX.PASS.PRS require.PASS
Exactly what financial assistance is required?

A different variation on the attributive interrogative is the more informal form watse. It is used similarly to the formal variant (3a-b), and can also be modified (3c).

Example 3

a. Watse werk doen Mamma alles?
which work do Mommy everything
What is all the work Mommy does?
b. Maar dan watse planne is daar?
but then which plans be.PRS there
But then what plans are there?
c. Min of meer watse spoed moet die voorste ou ry?
more or less which speed must.AUX.MOD the front guy ride
More or less what speed should the guy in front drive?
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