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Within prepositional phrases

The Noun Phrase (NP) modifier may not intervene between a preposition and its NP complement.


The NP modifier always precedes the preposition:

Example 1

Trije meter ûnder de grûn
three meter below the ground
Three meter below the earth

It cannot intervene between the preposition and its complement:

Example 2

*Ûnder trije meter de grûn
below three meter the ground
Three meter below the earth

In this respect, prepositions are different from postpositions, since NP modifiers may intervene between a postposition and its complement. R-pronouns, however, occur to the left of the prepositions to which they function as complements. As a result, NP modifiers may intervene between an R-pronoun and a preposition, as shown in the example below:

Example 3

Hy hat der juster in eintsje yn riden
he has it.R yesterday a distance.DIM in driven
Yesterday, he drove a small distance in it