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Adverbial use

Many adverbial modifiers cannot be clearly assigned to a syntactic category. However, Adjective Phrases (APs) can be used as adverbial modifiers to all other syntactic categories. APs can modify Verb Phrases (VPs) and clauses:

Example 1

Hy rint fluch nei hûs ta
he walks fast to home to
He walked home fast

APs can modify APs:

Example 2

Ôfgryslik-e fluch
terrible.EMPH fast
Terribly fast

APs can modify Adposition Phrases (PPs):

Example 3

Djip under de grûn
deep under the ground
Deep under the ground

APs can modify Noun Phrases (NPs):

Example 4

Sipke is echt in held
Sipke is truly a hero
Sipke is a real hero

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